BioNaturally Colon Hydrotherapy Training Center

What our students are saying about us

"What a journey! To say this was a learning experience is an understatement. I have learned so many new and exciting things during the course and I'm so grateful that I had YOU to learn from. You are an inspiration. I hope that I will make you proud as a Colon Hydrotherapist."

"Thank you for all your support and guidance over the last 10 days. You have developed an awesome program and should be proud of it. I have learned so much about good nutrition and lifestyle. Thank you again!"

"The things you do make a big difference. You went above and beyond what I expected."

I-ACT has established new requirments effective January 2018 to enter training. To find out more on how to be certified
at each level Click Here.

International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy [I-ACT] Recognized
Colon Hydrotherapy Training Course
Foundation Level

Training Sessions

The field of colon hydrotherapy is growing and receiving attention as a valuable modality. Our program of study is innovative, challenging, exciting and effective. It is a learning experience that is beyond the industry standard and is synergistic with other holistic healthcare modalities. If you are ready to embark on a new career in colon hydrotherapy, please call or email to inquire about upcoming classes and pricing. We also offer onsite training opportunities by special request. Let us know how we may best accommodate your busy schedule.Tuition for 10 day intensive is $2,495.00. A deposit of $800 will hold your space. Class size is limited.

  • 10- Day I-ACT Certification / 100 hours (in-class)
    • This 10-day course will prepare you to work as an I-Act certified colon hydrotherapist.
    • 10- Day I-ACT Certification / 100 hours (in-class)
    • All 100 hours of this course will be completed at our facility. Before you receive your certification for this course, you will be required to have completed the following requirements within six months of completing your 10-day course:
      • CPR certification (a copy must be submitted to the BioNaturally).
      • Proof of high school graduation or GED.
      • A transcript from an accredited school of higher education which indicates that you have completed 3 credit hours = 30 hours of an Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) class. (Required by I-ACT for certification and may be completed after training)

    If you have not taken an A&P class, and you are interested in taking the 10-day training, please notify us. We offer an on-line A&P class from Delmar Learning that will be accepted as an alternative option to the required 30 hour class from an accredited institute of higher learning. You will need to contact us directly to receive the appropriate code that corresponds to our facility. The fee for this on-line course is $175.00 payable to BioNaturally. Please note this fee is not part of the training tuition.

    The course is intensive. Class begins promptly at 8:00 am each morning and will end late each evening. Students are required to wear scrubs while at our facility.

    The final exam and practical exam will take place on the last day of class. If a student fails the test(s) he/she will have one additional opportunity to take and pass the test(s). A passing score is 70%. If the student is unable to pass either test on the 2nd attempt, he or she will be required to take the class again for the original cost of the class.

    After the student successfully completes the coursework and passes the written and practical exam they will receive a certificate as a colon hyrotherapist.

    Description and Methodologies

    An in-depth and practical course of study in the fundamentals of effective care-giving and successful colon hydrotherapy business practices. The course is fashioned after the principles and procedures developed since 2001 by BioNaturally owner Karla Magruder.

    The 100 hours of topical study includes:
    • Business Ethics
    • Health & Sanitation
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Colon Hydrotherapy Theory, History & Practice
    • Device training and disinfection protocols for the LIBBE Open/Gravity flow colon hydrotherapy Class II medical device.
    • Complementary Modalities
    • Colon Hydrotherapy Internship/Apprenticeship

    Students visit Bodies-Exhibition during course

    The course methodologies includes reading and follow-up discussions on the information presented; demonstrations and role-play of issues and challenges in the patient/client relationship; presentations by visiting experts in business, tax and complementary modalities; internships in which students shadow the instructor and tests to ensure comprehension and competency.


    The 100 hours of study is designed to exceed the requirements mandated by I-ACT by including areas of instruction equally important to the practicing therapist�s success.

    • Create an environment of safety and a relationship of trust with clients
    • Re-define the in-take process to include a holistic picture of a client�s needs and develop sensitivities to meet those needs on an individual, case-by-case basis
    • Increase awareness of the limits of colon hydrotherapy and learn to identify clients for whom the treatment may not be beneficial
    • Instill the importance of complementary modalities that support the effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy
    • Raise awareness of common health issues that will shape the therapist�s response to the needs of the client

    As the course is intensive and experiential, students are required to attend the entire sequence. Additional requirements include:

    • Completion of an I-ACT A&P Pre-Test to be provided along with other enrollment forms
    • A willingness to undergo the rigors of intensive training, learn quickly and maintain a civil and courteous attitude
    • Appropriate dress for client interaction, we request students to bring scrubs, along with comfortable non-athletic shoes
    • Avoid wearing colognes, perfumes, or scented lotions during the course of study

    Student presentation on the digestive system.


    Students will be tested for knowledge and competence upon completion of each major course unit.

    At the completion of the BioNaturally training course, an I-ACT Foundation level exam must be passed with a grade of 70% to receive your certification. Membership in I-ACT is also required.

    Enrollment Process

    • Contact BioNaturally owner Karla Magruder by email [] or phone [770-649-0789] or by visiting to express interest
    • An application form and course overview will be forwarded electronically or by mail.
    • Once completed application form has been returned, a telephone interview will be scheduled and conducted.
    • Accepted candidates will be provided with further enrollment forms to include:
      • Class size is limited. A deposit of $800 is required to hold your space.
      • Student Agreement providing important training and course details.
      • Prerequisite Checklist
      • I-ACT Membership application (fee for first year I-ACT membership is $150).
      • I-ACT Anatomy & Physiology Pre-Test to be completed prior to the first day of class.
      • I-ACT Exam Fee: $75.00
    • Enrollment will be completed when all forms have been returned and tuition is paid in full.
    Please Contact Us for more information and to check for availability.